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The #1 question in real estate marketing:

“What distinguishes you from your competition?”

What do you provide or what can you offer to a prospective buyer or seller that is going to compel them to choose you instead of one of your competitors?

If you’re like most real estate agents, you’ll answer “I give outstanding customer service – that’s my edge.” While we hope you’re right, it’s important to remember: the consumer will never know how great your service is until they become your client. So the question remains… what is it that differentiates you from your competition prior to a buyer or seller selecting an agent? Why is a home buyer or seller going to phone you or invite you to make a presentation? What do you have to offer that is unique or different from every other traditional agent in your area (or even your own office)?


A better way to sell real estate!


Most agents would agree if they simply had an opportunity to increase the response from their marketing efforts, make better presentations, and provide a cutting edge program… they’d make more money.

Seller Direct®’s innovative marketing (our corporate marketing budget far exceeds most local brokerages) combined with the Seller Direct® brand creates intrigue and curiosity in the mind of consumers and immediately differentiates Seller Direct® agents from their competition. Buyers and sellers are drawn to find out more; so our agents face less resistance when prospecting and increased opportunities to present our services to new clients. At Seller Direct® you’ll find it easier (and less expensive) to “get in the door,” attract clients, and secure listings.

Owner participation also frees up our agent’s evenings and weekends. This provides more time to generate new sales or additional time with family and friends. Seller Direct® truly is real estate’s win-win solution.

The Seller Direct® advantage is much more than discounted fees. It’s about market positioning, lead generation and a positive consumer experience. The Seller Direct® program opens not only doors, but also opportunities; providing you a competitive advantage in both good and slower markets while reducing time prospecting.

Ask yourself this question:

“If you were not in real estate, and you had a property to sell, wouldn’t you be interested in hearing about Seller Direct?”

Of course you would! And that’s why we’re so successful. Why not share our competitive edge?

Take your career to the next level:

Seller Direct® has immediate openings for both seasoned and newly licensed agents. To learn more about our real estate careers, Submit your Resume by clicking below or call Diana Noble, Owner/Broker of Seller Direct Northern Homes Realty, (780) 747-8372 / toll free (888) 571-5400.  Your confidentiality is respected and assured.